Bring in the Color and Bring in the Healthy Plate

Color influences us daily. We make many choices just based on colors. This plate of deliciously prepared food is not only a beautifully laid plate of color and scents but it holds the colors of a healthy diet. The superb greens, reds and oranges are flanked with the pure essence of white. The raw beauty and bountiful taste of the fish varieties on this plate represent a purely healthy plate. Your day to day health is enhanced by these wonderful sources of Omega 3 oils and proteins that are found in Sushi of many varieties.
Sushi is also a meal that can be made to fit any occasion or theme. In this photo, you can envision an introduction to Sushi with the look of a finned fish swimming onto the plate. This can also be used as a “choose your own” type presentation where everyone picks from the elegantly displayed choices then wraps their own Sushi roll. The possibilities are endless with Sushi . After all, there’s nothing better than a meal that is not only beautiful to look at, fabulously fun to enjoy with friends and family but also a kick to your immune system and overall health.

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