What is on the plate?

While diet and weight loss fads come and go, the most important question you can ask about your diet is “What is on the plate?” One of the biggest mistakes we make when eating meals is mistaking portion sizes. If you look at your plate and there is more than a half to one cup of each type of food, you are probably eating too much.

What is the combination of foods on your plate? The more color variety in your meals, the healthier it is. If you have a huge portion of pasta or bread on your plate and little or no vegetables, you are not eating a balanced meal. The recommended serving size of pasta is two ounces, yet most of us pile much more than that onto our plates.

A low cholesterol diet is indeed a lifestyle change, that not only you, but perhaps your entire family can go on. Bringing your diet and your cholesterol level under control with a low cholesterol diet is the best thing you can do to save your heart.

What else is on your plate? A healthy meal or snack includes protein and carbohydrates. The size of your vegetable or fruit serving should always be larger than that of any high-fat or simple carb foods.

By consciously reducing the size of the portions on your plate and making sure you eat a wide variety of food groups, you will be taking a big step in the direction of better health and easier weight management.


Publishing recipes for free gets your recipes into print and helps others to find recipes that they might have never tried had it not been for a click of the mouse.

Recipes have been around as long as food has been. Anyone can cook and all it takes is a simple recipe that can be adjusted or added to. That is why you should publish recipes, if you got them. You get to help people cook and then you can swap recipes and create new ones of your own.

Recipes are highly versatile. Those with meat in them can easily be made vegetarian with the right choices. Also cakes and pies can be made this way by leaving out eggs and using an avocado or applesauce instead. Trust me, it works.

Online recipes give beginner cooks and experienced chefs the opportunity to browse through several recipes and print what you like. Recipes found like this can be fit to suit your needs and dietary issues. If you do not like one ingredient you can swap it out for something else or leave it out entirely. This opens up your arsenal of recipes to just more than basic steps. You get to create magic in the kitchen.