Fairy Aprons

Unique Fairy Aprons

It is no mystery why vintage aprons are making a comeback; Aprons are absolutely adorable, and what could be possibly be cuter than aprons with breathtakingly designed fairies? Certainly, faire aprons represent the absolute pinnacle of cute cooking attire, especially when compared to the rather bland designs and colors of lesser aprons. The bottom line is that anyone looking for an absolutely adorable apron will enjoy our ever-expanding line of fairy aprons. Please continue to check back from time to time to see our newest designs, or sign up for our RSS feed and be the first to know when new fairy aprons have landed on our site!
Fairies playing flitting about beds of flowers, striking lovely poses, or offering knowing looks showcase the artistic style that many believed to be permanently lost. The imagery on each of our fairy aprons is a throwback to more classical designs that blend fantasy with flowers to create some of the most striking fairy images ever. What better place to put these fairies than in your very kitchen? These delightful flying beauties will look just as good carefully presented on the handle of an oven as they will fastened around one’s body while they prepare meals fit for kings and queens. Of course, they will look just as good on those who happen to be in ‘Cinderella’ mode, cleaning and scrubbing. Remember, there is no excuse not to look one’s best while cleaning!