Cholesterol Diary

Lowering Cholesterol Diary

When I got the results from my annual checkup with my doctor, I was shocked. My cholesterol level was very high, and I was warned that I was at serious risk for heart disease. I was aware that I didn’t always eat healthy or get enough exercise, but I thought at the age of 49, I didn’t have to worry about it too much. With this news, I decided that my urgent goal was to lower my high cholesterol, and without medications.

Since I am a naturally goal-oriented person, I started by creating a “Lowering Cholesterol Diary” to chart my progress. I knew that reaching my goal would take an every day commitment, and I wanted a record of that for self-motivation.

I began my journey by examining my diet. Upon review, I realized that I was indeed eating way too many fatty foods high in cholesterol. Since I love cooking and playing with recipes, I did some research to find foods and recipes that would be both healthy and tasty. I also completely changed my shopping habits. When I used to go grocery shopping, I would buy foods that sounded good to me at the time, or were on sale. Now, I plan in advance and make a shopping list to cover my meals for the week. If I do see an item I want that is not on my list, I read the label very carefully.

I also realized I was not getting enough exercise. Used to be, I would only go walking or biking if I had a companion, but I found that solitary walks and bike rides were not only necessary to improve my health, they are relaxing and fun as well. I committed to going to the gym three times a week; now I’m going almost every day. I began to be active in my garden again, too, and I’m reaping the rewards of healthy fresh vegetables.

After three months, I visited my doctor again. Not only has my cholesterol gone down, but I’ve also lost weight. Through this process, I’ve been tracking my meals, exercise, and progress in my diary. With this record, I have found the discipline to keep working toward my goal.