Butter from Cream Chargers

How to make butter at home – you may think it really isn’t worth the effort but you should at least try it once – just in case oil-shock kills the supermarkets but you still have access to a cow


– ½ liter 35% whipping cream – this recipe will work with any cream, but the higher fat content the easier it will be.

– 2 ml (half a tablespoon) of salt – unless of course you want unsalted butter! But note that the sale helps to prevent spoilage – especially if you don’t manage to get all of the buttermilk out.


Mix the salt with the whipping cream. Pour the mixture you have just made into several glass jars making sure there is enough space for shaking. Start shaking the jars and do it for about 10-25 minutes depending on what size of jars you have chosen. If the jars are really large they will need a lot of shaking time – we suggest that you play some good dance music and try to keep to the beat – “Staying Alive” always works for me. You will know that the butter is ready when it hardens and separates from the buttermilk, which is liquid. Take out all the buttermilk and then wash the butter you have made – wash it until it runs clear – the buttermilk is what causes butter to go rancid and even a little bit will shorten the shelf-life of the product.

You can use the buttermilk for the making of savory pancakes or another dessert of your choice – it can pretty much be substituted for milk in most recipes or can be used for making an easy soft cheese “quark”. I’ll be posting a recipe for this at a later date.

Patting the butter can be done with the back of a spatula or you can use a rolling pin or even twist it into a clean tea-towel and squeeze. It isn’t essential to have dry butter if you are using it for cooking – but the little drops of water trapped in the butter would make toast go soggy.


Use butter you buy from the store for cooking purposes and save the butter you make at home for spreading only. You can also use the homemade butter as a gift because it tastes really good. Making homemade butter is so easy that you can get your kids to do it too! If you simply wrap the patted butter in grease-proof paper, twisted at both ends you get a cheap, functional wrapping that looks very rustic.

Double whipping cream with cream chargers can actually lead to a butter-type coagulation but it isd not quite the same thing.


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