Cream Chargers to relieve the summer heat!

It’s getting hot – damn hot – so how do we cool ourselves down? Well, the obvious answer would be ice cream but the more sophisticated answer would be whipped cream chargers!Any fool can take an ice cream and scoop it into a bowl – and yes it would also be possible to make your own but when it is this hot then nobody wants to venture near the kitchen. So here is the simple recipe to enliven a simple scoop of ice cream with some nitrous frothed whipped cream.

  • Select a good quality ice-cream, the ¬†key to finding the best quality of ice-cream is to quite simply read the ingredients. It’s not what it tells you on the front of the packet that is important but rather what it tells you on the back. The pictures can lie to you but the ingredients on the back are defined by law – so read the front not the back!
  • Allow the whole carton of ice cream to warm up to about 5 degrees below freezing. Most domestic freezers are usually set at about 18 degrees below – this takes about 5 minutes at room temperature – always allow it to warm up in the whole – individual serves will heat up too quickly around the outside due to their relatively higher surface area.
  • Keep your bowls in the fridge or freezer – this is easy to do but is easily ignored.
  • Whip cream using nitrous oxide cream chargers – rather than doing it b hand – this is not just so that you don’t get yourself into a sweat but also so you can get a much lighter consistency of the whipped cream.
  • Only add the whipped cream at the last moment – it will start to loose its bounce almost immediately.
  • And finally don’t worry about getting too messy – the mess on your chin is a sign that you are having fun!

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