Foods That Give You Energy

When you want it fast and you want it hard – then high energy food is for youEnergy foodIn today’s fast-paced world of work, family, and leisure, you may find yourself wondering what kinds of foods give you lots of energy? The answer is a bit more complicated than you might think. While simple carbohydrates (foods like white bread, pasta, and cereal) will give you an initial burst of lots of energy, their effects are short-lived. Combining protein with a complex carbohydrate gives you lasting energy that won’t leave you in an insulin-induced slump. Foods that give you lots of energy are foods such as peanut butter on whole grain bread, nuts and seeds, or a piece of fruit like an orange paired with a slice of cheese.

If you need food that gives you lots of energy and you need it convenient for on-the-go eating, a protein bar can be the perfect solution. Protein bars contain enough protein to sustain your blood sugar level, while offering the carbs needed for that energy boost. For a less expensive energy-packed option, keep some grapes and cottage cheese on-hand. The complex carbs in the fruit coupled with the protein of the dairy food will give you lots of energy to get you through until the next meal. Cooking for foods with energy is just as easy – a lean meat along with healthy vegetables makes a meal full of foods that give you lots of energy.

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