Foods that enhance sexual desire

Oysters is the obvious choice but it doesn’t always have to be vanillafood to enhance sexual desireFood can be just as sexy as the person feeding it to you or the one wearing it. Certain foods offer couples a way to heighten the senses and and get each other into the mood. Food does not even have to be a part of the so-called festivities. Smells can also do the trick. Cinnamon, vanilla and apple pie spice actually remind men of comfort and these smells can get the party started. For women sometimes all it takes is a home cooked meal to get into the mood. Candles with food scents are also very romantic and they smell nice.

The foods that enhance sexual desire are commonly known as oysters and chocolate. These both are great evening mood enhancers. Caviar is also on the list. Avocados are a great aphrodisiac for your mate if he or she happens to be vegetarian. Often foods that resemble your mate’ sexual parts or reproductive parts can be used to set that sexy tone. These would be bananas, figs, asparagus, eggs, almonds and peaches. I am sure that there are many more. Just use your imagination. Herbs are also great stimulators. Coriander seed, garlic, nutmeg, ginger, and fennel can also put your sexual desires on a whole different level. Let us not forget wine and alcoholic beverages. This combination of lost inhabition and desire can create massive sparks in the bedroom.

Whatever you do, the scent and that special person have to be there to have possibly one of the greatest sexual encounters of your life.

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