Food for people with Dentures

When you are cooking and eating with dentures – you don’t want to be sustained by baby food – but are there other options?

Learning to eat with dentures will take a lot of patience and practice. You should first start with foods that are soft and cut to small pieces. Some foods to eat include oatmeal, creamed soups, bananas and pudding.


There are a few eating things to consider when wearing dentures:

-Chew slowly and take your time. It helps to take smaller bites and chew slower for a while. Divide bites in two pieces and chew each half on each side of your mouth.

-Do not bite directly down on crunchy or hard foods, like raw vegetables, hard pretzels and nuts. The dentures would be at risk of breaking at the angle where the denture meets the surface.

-With dentures, you cannot bit down as you could with natural teeth, so biting and chewing will be different. You need to now chew using both sides of your mouth.

-Try to avoid foods with bones. Your gums will be more sensitive at first.

-Stay away from nuts and seeds that may be able to slip underneath the dentures.

-You need to avoid hot and hard foods until the gum tissue gets used to the new dentures.

As time goes by and the more you get use to the dentures, you can add food until you get back to your normal diet.

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