Healthy Food

Healthy Food, Heart Healthy Cooking Herbs

Healthy food is easy to fit into even the busiest family life. With many options available for conveniently incorporating healthy food into your meals, you can feel good about what you feed the hungry mouths around your table. Examples of healthy foods that you can easily to add to your diet include the nutrient packed avocado, baby carrots with low-fat ranch dressing, or steamed vegetables such as green beans.

Some people think healthy food can’t taste good. Nothing could be further from the truth: healthy food can taste great as well as offer great health benefits. Proper seasoning, the right cooking method, and a creative recipe can all lend a helping hand in making healthy food palatable to even the pickiest of eaters. Sauteeing vegetables in a bit of olive oil, with minced garlic tossed in, makes for a delicious and healthy side dish. Lean meats can be marinated and slow-roasted for a moist, full flavor.

Another easy way to add healthy food to your every day diet is to keep convenient snacks like apples and low-fat yogurt or cheese cubes in the fridge. By filling up on healthy fruit and high-protein snacks, it is easier to resist sweets and fast-food when you’re in a hurry.