More on the Voodoo Knife Block

In the spirit of testing out my voodoo knife block (from here) then I decided to mock-up a potato in the style of a Mr. Potato head and picture in my mind the person that I would most like to see having a bad day and then stab the head with my voodoo knife. The black magic was supposed to role out across the world sending tidal waves of power as it went – sending all those in front of it sprawling out of the way.

I had issues to begin with – mainly due the fact that I am but a friendly fellow and don’t really have any fellows to cast a curse upon – and that is with  or without the knife man.  I struggled at first but slowly began to despising someone – as I whipped my mind into a frenzy of evil I was ready to go – ready to stab and unleash the power… then … wait for it, what was to happen next …

the knife broke – so the question to be answered is am I super-powerful? or is the knife a load of cheap rubbish and not worthy of a place in a chefs kitchen?


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