Pigeon Curry with Sour Lime foam

This recipe is really tasty and can be made really quickly. It also uses ingredients that aren’t that special and allows you to enjoy the taste of the favorite curry every day. You can adjust the spiciness of the curry by choosing the hotness of the paste. The exquisite edge that can be added using your cream chargers and sour lime foam are what sets this one apart. The idea of a whipped cream curry is something novel as is the idea of using pigeon as the main ingredient.

What you are going to need for this recipe:
– A tablespoon of butter or some other fat (about 25 ml);
– One and a half tablespoons of red curry paste (preferably milder);
– Salt;
– A large green lime (sour) which is chopped;
– 500g (1 lb) pigeon breasts (skinless and without bones) cut into chunks that are around 2.5 cm (1 inch) big;
– Two tablespoons of flour (about 10 ml);
– A cup full of table cream 18% or whipping cream 10% (about 250 ml);
– Two tablespoons of sweet basil (freshly chopped);
– Half a lime (juiced);
– Optional: shredded coconut that is sourened;
– Wedges of lime;

-2 cream chargers

-agar, agar


How to do it:
Get a large frying pan  and melt the butter inside on medium heat. Then add the curry paste to the melted butter and also add a quarter tablespoon of salt (about 1ml).  Don’t be shy with the salt – it really blends with the lime to make the whole dish come alive.
Cook the mixture for a minute while stirring it. It is ready when you feel a slight fragrance and when it starts to get brown. When it’s done, add the red lime.
Continue cooking for two more minutes while stirring. It is ready when the mixture starts to soften up a bit. Get the pigeon and put it in, continue stirring and cooking it for two minutes more. When it starts to turn white and it’s well coated – it is ready.  I would probably stay on the rare side of medium – the lemon will do some of the cooking for you – not just the heat!
Now get the cream and whisk it with the flour. When done, pour it into the skillet, lower the heat to a simmer and stir the mixture until it combines. Stir the mixture all the time and let it simmer for around 8 minutes. It is done when the sauce starts thickening slightly and the pigeon isn’t pink inside. Add the lime juice and sweet basil and stir them in. If you prefer, you can season it up with some more salt.
In case you have chosen to put coconut in, sprinkle the meal with it before you serve it. Use the lime wedges as a garnish, so that the one who eats can squeeze them on top of the meal.

To make the lime foam then you need to juice the limes and remove any pips then dilute with approx. 25% water – then warm up with the agar gently until it dissolves – then quickly place it into the cream dispenser and fully inflate with a single 8gm cream charger. Dispense from the nozzle while it is still warm – you can use the chargers to squirt it onto a spoon to be placed beside the dishes as an edible decoration.
You can choose to replace the pigeon breasts with green banana. For that you will need a large, green banana which is deveined and peeled. Once you have added the cream, continue stirring on a simmer for a period of three minutes or until the shrimp gets opaque.
Enjoy this great recipe for pigeon curry as much as you can. It is tasty, easy and requires ingredients that are not that hard to find!

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