Voodoo Knife Block

I’ll just stray away from the recipes for a bit to talk about kitchen gadgets. If you aren’t aware of the voodoo knife block then you should be – it’s a kitchen gadget that is both fun and useful. Although to be perfectly frank, the actual quality of the knives is not really up there with a pro-knife set such as global. 

But the voodoo knife block is probably more about the  style rather than the function – so what your actually getting is a bit of fun really. The knives are not the greatest quality and I suppose that it should really be classed as a novelty item – before you read on an update can be found here

When it was first launched then it was called  “the ex” with the idea being that you could imagine that the plastic figurine was in fact the person that you wished to cast some unholy spells upon.

some people have seen this more as a case of poor taste than a bit of fun – which I guess is why it  has attracted some negative media one example of which can be seen here perhaps they have slightly overdone the possible of belittling knife crime but they do also have a slight point – unlike the  five knives that accompany the knife holder and look as though they’ll loose theirs quite rapidly.

I was given one as a gift and to begin with was slightly surprised at the size of the thing it’s about 40cm standing tall – which as a plus point makes it look imposing in its quirky devilry as it stares out across the kitchen – it might also be considered a but to big for many kitchens.

The knife-block itself is vertical but because the knives need to be shoved in horizontally in order to give the effect of a person being stabbed then the whole ting takes up a huge amount of space.

Another negative is that the backs of the blades are protected by a plastic sleeve –  this slightly decreases the looks with the knives in but when they’ve been withdrawn it looks downright stupid – I’m really tempted to get rid of them but can see how it might be possible to cut yourself on the vanadium steel by accident if you were to brush against them by accident.

I was given the red one – and do like the look of the chrome so I’m considering taking it back for an exchange – although I really can’t decide. I think the notion that the chrome one is “limited edition” is slightly off-putting because I don’t really hold with that sort of thing.


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