Weekly Menu

Organizing A Weekly Menu In 5 Easy Steps

The first thing in organizing a weekly menu would be to decide on the meals planned for that week. Remember you need to plan meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and also any snacks in between. It doesn’t have to be an overwelming task if you take in steps.

Step 1.) Make a list of the foods you intend to serve for each day beginning with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now have a separate page for each of the seven days.

Step 2.) Compare your seven day lists and write down a compiled list of the meals that you intend to fix. You should be able to shorten your menu listing by cutting out duplicate ingredients.

Step 3.) Check your pantry for ingredients on your list such as spices, dry ingredients, canned vegetables, etc. Also check your freezer and refrigerator. No sense in buying an ingredient if you already have it in stock.

Step 4.) Scan the local grocery ads and check out any coupons. Only use the coupons if they benefit your buying list. You don’t save money or time if you use a coupon you really didn’t need.

Step 5.) You are ready to go to the store and buy your weekly ingredients for your planned weekly menus.