Whipped Cream Sans Cream Chargers

A recipe for making the most perfect, light whipped cream. This recipe doesn’t need a cream charger – which could be considered a little bit sacrilegious in some corners of the catering fraternity.

In order to make this delicious cream you will need the following ingredients:
Quarter liter of whipping cream with (approx.) 35% fat content – a little more would still work – as would a little less but we reckon 35% is the magic number!
one tablespoon of icing sugar – this can be adjusted to taste so don’t get too hung up on the amount.

Whipped cream is a delicious addition to your desserts and it is quite easy to make. It is an essential to just about any chilled pudding and I’d go so far as to say that there is nothing that wouldn’t be improved by it! However, the process is also a bit delicate and there are factors that will determine the quality of your whipped cream.
The first of these factors is the temperature of the things that you will use. In order for your whipped cream to be perfect, you have to use very cold bowl, beaters and cream.  So put it all in a fridge a few hours before you plan to start.
You also have to find a bowl that has space to hold both the beaters and whipped cream – the bigger the better.
In order to get the best results, when making yourself whipped cream, beat only a single cup at a time. When the day is hot, you might want to use a larger bowl, filled with ice, in order to put the whipped cream bowl inside – so it makes a thermal insulated jacket bowl.
When you are adding to your cream flavor, you should make sure that the cream is just perfectly whipped, and then start adding other flavors such as maple syrup, lemony zest, essence vanilla, sugar and pretty much anything sweet like perhaps a touch of jam – hmm strawberry!
You can keep your whipped cream nice and fluffy while it is in the refrigerator by adding a tablespoon of icing sugar or skim milk powder as a stabilizer to each cup with whipped cream. The machine made cream chargers will add nitrous oxide which will help keep the cream fresh – but won’t keep it fluffed up for as long.
In case you need not that big amounts of whipped cream (such as one cup), you will have to use the whisk and do the job by hand. This where the cheats will get their cream chargers out of the cupboard and use some modern magic instead of old-fashioned elbow grease.
As you can see, making delicious whipped cream isn’t that hard of a task and there is nothing that demanding to it. All you need is a little bit of inspiration and your whipped cream will be the fluffier, creamier and lightest one that you have created. The most delicious dessert addition! Try it on anything and you’ll find it’s taken up a level. I like to compare it to lingerie – naked it’s all great whip on something fancy and suddenly it’s all a bit more special!

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